Micro-needling procedure is a procedure where a gadget, usually known as a Dermapen, is used to generate micro-injury on your skin using very fine needles. This micro-injury on your skin will bring on a reparation process of your skin which can result in better-looking and renewed skin. Furthermore, if this micro-needling is done in conjunction with skin boosters or PRP, the results will be more drastic as micro-needling will enhance the penetration and absorption of these boosters and growth factors by your skin. Microdermabrasion works on the same principal like micro-needling but instead of fine needles, it uses an applicator with abrasive surface to sand off the outer layer of your skin thus causes your skin to rejuvenate. Both of these procedures can improve fine wrinkles and minor scarring, help reduce skin pigmentation and pore size and make your skin look fresher and radiant.

Not suitable:

● Those with a strong history of keloid scarring
● Users of blood thinner


● Micro-needling: Numbing cream
● Microdermabrasion: not required

Procedure time:

● About 20 minutes
● Up to two hours for combined treatments


● Few hours to a few days for initial redness and minor bleeding

Result lasting Duration:

● Few weeks to a month. Monthly treatment is recommended for lasting results

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