Dermal filler injection is a minimally invasive procedure where a substance, usually Hyaluronic acid (HA), is injected under the skin to add volume to the treatment areas. This can correct sunken areas like deep furrows and wrinkles, tear troughs, deep skin folds, and also to augment the facial features like nasal bridge and jaw line enhancement, and the results are immediate. Also, A HA dermal filler has the added benefit of improving your skin’s hydration because HA attracts and binds water. There are some side effects if the wrong type of filler is chosen and is placed at the wrong layers under your skin. Minor side effects are allergy and local infection. More undesirable effects range from over-correction of the skin defects, Tyndal effects, to localized skin necrosis. A certified aesthetic doctor can ensure a proper and safe procedure for you.

Not suitable:

• Those allergic to the ingredients in the fillers


• Anaesthetic component is already added to dermal fillers

Procedure time:

• Vary depending on areas to be treated.


• 1 – 2 days for a slight chance of mild initial swelling and bruising

Result lasting Duration:

• 9 – 12 months for a typical dermal filler (commonly Hyaluronic Acid)

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