Picosecond laser is the latest technology in removing pigmentations on your skin. Skin pigments like freckles, solar lentigines and melasma can be effectively removed or reduced by this laser. Apart from removing pigments, picosecond laser can also be used to correct the uneven colour tones of your skin and to reduce pore size. Another use of this laser is to remove unwanted tattoos on your body. Also, certain picosecond laser like the one we have in Cellesis clinic has a fractional hand piece which can be used effectively to reduce acne scarring and fine wrinkles.

Not suitable:

• Dark skin types (Fitzpatrick skin types 4-6)
• Recent sun exposure or tanning


• Numbing gel

Procedure time:

• 30 to 40 mins


Picosecond laser toning:
• Within hours to initial skin redness which reduces within hours
• Few days of skin redness for acne scar treatment

Targeted pigments and skin tattoo removal:
• Redness and swelling may be experienced immediately
• 1-2 weeks for scabs formed to peel off

Result lasting Duration:

• May vary. Professional advice from our doctor will be provided

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