I have done the eyebrows remover laser which is pico laser and also pico toning and rejuvenate treatment. My eyebrows is getting lighten compared to previous time , and my skin become very smoother and brighter…I just love the effect so much . Highly recommended.. DR Chong are very helpful and patient to provide good explanation.

Bow Bow

Dr Chong always listened to my needs and explained my skin condition to me very well. I was made to understand about my skin and the treatments that I need to solve the problem. I am VERY satisfied with my treatment and results done by Dr Chong. My skin is much radiant now. Will definitely recommend Dr Chong.
Ong Ping Ping
Dr Chong and his team are very professional in their service. For my skin problems, Dr Chong gave me very good explanation and let me understand which treatments are suitable for me. The result is very good, I like and very satisfied with their service. Also, I like the way they are not pushy.
Dr. Chong used Pico toning and Pico laser technology to remove freckles for an express result achievement. The spot on my left turned lighter within few days, which made me very happy and satisfied. I am grateful for the professionalism and sincerity of the Dr. Chong team. I recommended Cellesis Clinic for surprises beyond expectation.
Mandy Wu
I have acne face and scars. Dr Chong did some chemical peeling for me and my acne improved a lot 🤗. He started Pico laser on me last week to reduce my dark acne scars and the results were very immediate. My face glowed. Very Happy! Thank you, Dr Chong.
XY Chong
Cozy environment and friendly staff. I went to remove my tattoo with Pico laser treatment, very satisfied with my first session and can’t wait to go back for few more session to get it totally removed.
Jenli Lee
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